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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PhilPlans e-payment?

PhilPlans e-payment is an online payment facility that accepts plan payments. PhilPlans planholders can now use their credit cards (Mastercard or Visa) to continue funding their education, pension or memorial plans. To enable e-payment and ensure correct payments, planholders must refer to their billing statement for their plan number and amount due.

How to use PhilPlans e-payment?

Using PhilPlans e-payment is easy.

  1. Go to
  2. Input plan number, name, amount to be paid and email address
  3. Click AGREE to the Terms and Conditions before checking out.
  4. Choose the type of credit card to be used
  5. Input credit card details

Our partner iPay88 will process your payment to PhilPlans. Once successful, you will receive an email confirmation from PhilPlans e-payment. Kindly expect your official receipt to be sent within 10-15 business days to your mailing address.

Can PhilPlans accept overseas credit card payments?

Yes, PhilPlans e-payment can accept VISA, MasterCard, payments from around the world, regardless of currency.

How long does it take for a payment to be processed, and what happens after the processing is complete?

Normally, it takes only a few seconds for a transaction to be processed. However, there are some cases wherein it takes time depending on the complexity of the issue i.e. a suspected fraudulent transaction. After the payment is processed, a summary of the payment is sent to the customer upon confirmation. If there is a remote chance that processing will take longer than as specified please report this to us at Customer Care Hotline (02) 8-802.7202 or through contact us link.

Does PhilPlans accept Refund?

PhilPlans shall not process refunds of any payment transaction without compelling reason. Kindly check your latest statement of account before paying. If the amount paid is greater than that indicated in your statement of account, PhilPlans shall credit it on the next payment. If the payment is already in its last installment the excess amount will be released via check payment in Philippine pesos.

What will you see on the monthly bank / credit card statements after a transaction from PhilPlans e-payment?

PhilPlans First Inc will appear on the credit card statement.

How much is the acceptable minimum payment?

Payment of any amount above zero is acceptable. However, please be reminded to ensure that payment corresponds to what is indicated in the Billing Notice to protect the plan from being lapsed due to insufficient payment.

What if my plan is lapsed, can I still use PhilPlans e-payment?

Yes. The amount paid will be considered as deposit for plan installment. To fully reinstate the plan, you must submit a reinstatement form the nearest PhilPlans Branch. Once reinstated; the deposit will then be credited as plan payment.

Please note, that PhilPlans e-payment is not a confirmation of your plan status. To know whether your plan is active or in-force, please call our Customer Care Hotline at (02) 8-802.7202 or email us at For lapsed plans, you may apply for reinstatement within two (2) years from the date your plan becomes lapsed.

Can PhilPlans accept payment for Cash Loan?

The facility is undergoing configuration to allow acceptance of payments for the Cash Loan. We will post the announcement at our website once it becomes available.